Wednesday, 11 July 2007

KS2 Resources to spice up your Schemes of Work

At this time of the year, when Schemes of Work are being reviewed for next September, the following free resources might be of use:

Click on the ‘TakaCréer’ link to send e-cards (Cybercartes).Click on ‘Taka t’amuser’ (bottom right) then on ‘maternelle’ for a selection of games with audio, like ‘Je compte 1 à 5’ and ‘j’apprends mes formes’ , which are the most suitable for primary school children.

This site was created by Connie Hurd, a full time primary French teacher in Lincoln. All the activities and puzzles (made with 'Hot Potatoes' software) are free, interactive, and can be used in self-access as all exercises can be self-corrected. Children who complete the exercises successfully are rewarded with a fun animated gif or smilie. The site also has some free printable worksheets and a good selection of photos from France that can be downloaded.

Log on in a variety of languages and find a wide variety of activities such as hangman or picture labelling. The activities can be used on Interactive Whiteboard or in an ICT suite.

follow the links to French theme page or go direct to:
This site has printable books using basic vocabulary, plus printable labels and activities.

A site where you can download printable books in French and Spanish. All stories are levelled but you have to subscribe to get access to all the stories. The free materials are to be found in the sample section.

This is Henri Des‘s Official website with songs, games and other resources. You must subscribe to have access to some parts of the website but most of it is actually free.

Free resources for teachers of young learners. Including free flashcards, worksheets and Handouts to match, free phonics cards, free ESL games, an international project exchange library, printable certificates, printable stickers and some activities all ready for printing.

Teacher Resources Spanish Connections Scrapbook Links E-Pals

Primary school sites: All these sites have simple on-line games and activities.

The Snaith primary school site (good for other curriculum areas too!)

The Downs school site with very good games teaching tools for the interactive whiteboard.

Map – shows France and gives facts about the country in English.
Colours – click on pallet to hear coloursNumbers – numerals and words (written phonetically in brackets)
Animals – click on animals to hear them.Weather – click on pictures to hear the phrase
Clothes – click on clothes to hear the phrase Je porte ….. (with colours)
Food and Drink – Pictures and words (written phonetically in brackets)

The Quiz section can be used to test learning, but teacher feedback will be needed. The free resources section contains downloadable flashcards and worksheets in word format.

Language College sites /secondary sites All these sites have KS2 specific pages.

SoW for all KS2 year groups with resources.

From Stafforshire Learning Net, a number of excellent links with resources for Primary to KS4:

For more regularly updated KS2 resources, click on My and "Primary"


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Taka t'amuser has been moved here: