Thursday, 12 July 2007

Have your Say in The GCSE Review

The content of the GCSE has often been mentioned amongst mfl teachers as a reason for decreasing motivation at KS4. As the syllabi “re-visit” some KS3 topics and appear immature to some of the students, the addition of more “transactional” topics also gives the impression that GCSE is a rehearsal for an event that may never happen- namely a visit to target-language country.
So … Is there no use for French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian etc... if we stay in England? This is your chance to have your say!

QCA presents its aims as to:
*update the content of the GCSEs, making them more relevant and exciting
*encourage innovative teaching, learning and assessment
*incorporate key elements of curriculum developments
*ensure that the revised GCSEs complement the Diplomas
*revise the assessment arrangements to provide stretch and challenge for all learners and make assessment less formulaic and predictable
*ensure that standards are maintained.

The general GCSE criteria, common to all subjects can be found at:

The mfl-specific criteria can be downloaded from:

You are invited to complete an on-line questionnaire which consists of twelve sections. The questionnaire needs to be submitted electronically by 14 September 2007.

Issues like the proportion of controlled conditions and external assessment in the overall course, the use of dictionaries and the content of the Areas of Experiences are mentioned amongst others.

Your response will contribute to the development of the new GCSE criteria. The subsequently revised specifications for mfl will be available from September 2008 for first teaching in 2009


Erik said...

Glad to see you're using online surveys. Do you like SurveyMonkey over other competitors such as Zoomerang and InstantSurvey?

IC Jones said...

I only know SurveyMonkey! I am currently also looking at online surveys to get feedack from my students about my lessons. I now know that I can compare and see which one suits best my purpose.

Thank you!