Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Multimedia and Cross-Curricular Resources for MFL

In the Primary school, cross-curricular approaches may come more naturally, but there is nothing to stop us promoting each other's subjects in the Secondary school too. After all, learning is just one big adventure...

French and Art:


French and Music:

Pigloo: http://s.tf1.fr/mmdia/v/84/9/1975849g.asx

Alphabet: http://s.tf1.fr/mmdia/v/37/6/1965376g.asx

Kamini -Je suis blanc- http://s.tf1.fr/mmdia/v/11/1/1917111g.asx

Yannick Noah: http://s.tf1.fr/mmdia/v/42/0/1972420g.asx

viedos can also be downloaded from

http://videos.tf1.fr/video/musique/ and click on pictures

Links to Radio-Canada International with discussions about many Canadian cultural issues as well as other interesting topics. It is also good to hear different sorts of French Canadian accents:(the links were recommended on mflresources by Beverley, a Canadian colleague)

http://www.rcinet.ca/rci/fr/# (click on Ecoutez)

(click on Archives on lower left)

Primary Resources from Richmond with some cross-curricular suggestions:


French at KS2
Spanish at KS2
Italian at KS2
German at KS2
Cross-curricular activities
Templates for games
Multi-lingual activities
Free posters, stickers and postcards to celebrate the European Day of Languages

Spanish and Music (not sure about some of the accents but this site definitely is worth the look):

Display materials and links with the BBC and QCA:


http://www.instantdisplay.co.uk/free.htm (also includes a few powerpoints on some basic topics).

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