Friday 13 April 2012

ALL French Online: Share Your Best French Resources, Thursday 3rd May, 8.30-9.30

Your subject association needs YOU!
The ALL French online group will meet online on Thursday 3rd May from 8.30 to 9.30pm. Go to the following address for full details and to access the event:
This time, the aim is to share as many engaging resources for French as possible: websites, songs, videos, apps, kinaesthetic activities, ideas to enhance listening, speaking, reading, writing, cultural awarenes... in fact, anything that you have found to work with your classes.
The meeting will be chaired by Christine O'Leary from Sheffield University.
There is only one rule: share and pass the baton over-remember what is a routine technique for you could be a novel approach for someone else... and we will not know unless we share! 
As it is getting more and more difficult for teacher to access CPD, networking represents a flexible and time-effective way for us to share what works in our classrooms-all from the comfort of your living room or kitchen...

Click here to find out more about becoming an ALL member.
Looking forward to a great «Bring and Brag»...

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