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ALL London Conference, 11th June 2011

As always, it was a pleasure to see some old and new friends and listen to Rachel Hawkes and Neil Jones, the two main speakers.

Rachel started by looking at questions: 20 questions like  have you/do you like/how/where/is...?
Students need to know how to make up questions in the Target Language, however, this need seems a lot less urgent now that English is used for testing students’ knowledge at GCSE. So, in a way starting off answers has taken precedence. I have pointed out to my students that understanding how questions are made helps you to remember how to start off answers, so it is still well worth practising anyway. Short-termism is not the best way forward if we want students to develop the skills needed to take their languages further.

Question can be used as starters e.g. Tienes?
Piensas que...? can be used in prediction games as well e.g. Do you think my favourite colour is blue?

What are the questions?
Question starters are included in Schemes of Work and themed  e.g food
12 squares answers are displayed and you can see in brackets the number of possible questions
Each questions reveal part of a photo. All anwers/ questions to do with school. The picture in that case was a picture of the teacher's first day at school.

Find someone who..
Va tres bien/ a son Anniversaire en Novembre/a une soeur/ aime l'hiver/peut écrire le mot « father » en français

Say something else-different ways to say similar things
Pimp my sentence! 5-6 mins add to the sentence
Have I got news for you-guess what could be missing in the headline  
Spend the words:  include star structures in speech pair work with a partner ticking off the star

“Impure CLIL” – borrowing content from other subject challenging texts, intense Target Language use in class but no direct teaching through the medium of the Target Language by non-specialists.

Miro painting: Art Link with Spanish-descriptive language, cultural awareness and personal details.
Spelling bee: motivating students to improve their vocabulary and taker regular practice.

El Agua Module y9
BBC clips online
Videos about children in Spanish-Speaking Western Sahara-good for comparisons considering overlaps & differences
Categorise adjectives about water-thinking skills
Haiku 5-7-5 Very easy poem form as it does not have to rhyme. It is also good to focus on the phonic aspect of the target language

El pan
BBC videos-How to make empanadas / Cornish pasties: compare similarities and differences.
Bocadillos: write down everything that could go in a sandwich
Favourite sandwiches in both countries
Compare holidays and festivals e.g. 1st and 2nd November with Guy Fawkes’ day
Aim to include Present tense/ past/ conditional

Y9 media modules
El Misterio del Pez (claymation with or without subtitles)
looking at infinitives

One of Neil Jones’ main areas of interest is intercultural  understanding
e.g. Los colores del mundo-different colours for taxis, post boxes, phone boxes, buses, police cars...

Statistics on holidays/ compare with Britain
Where do British people spend their hols?
Venns diagram for cultural comparisons
animals from South America
Guinea pigs in Peru and Le lapin in France: meat or pets?
Barro o paso la aspiradora-carpets/ tiles inside houses
Stereotypes: handball, cricket, cazar, tapear
List with statements and students have to guess if it refers to England or Spain

Who is this about?
Daniel Retuerta -El Internado ( tv series)
Cut up reading activities-fill in form about it
Time: use new year custom in Spain
Family: royal family and their many houses
Física o Quimica (tv program)
Personal ID, character, physical description, family, free time...
Rutina de Michelito (Mexico)/ South of France (bull fighting)
Paradores- description of a parador ( exclusive)
The ice hotel
Use Trip adviser for reading- hotel reviews in French and Spanish

You tube/ moviemaker to introduce advert
Pepsi advert in Spanish (Torres)
Respond with tick sheet
Defi Sante / Panama you tube on healthy living
El deporte en el mundo Hispano- hablante
Pelota vasca
Description being revealed
Pok a tok
Origin of tenis
The Incas
AVE advert
Looking at a town over a decade- description,using imperfect and preterite
Comparison- before and after the Olympics
Burkina Faso-explain what different places are.

Clothes- worn for the San Fermin festival
Use movie maker to cut YouTube clips.
For and against: about a festival.
French surname

Diversity of communities in Spain-Ceuta y Melilla
Gitanos, judios ...

Medio ambiente
Los pimpollos
Guggenheim Museum-virtual tour
Teach them how to make a English cultural ref eg explain what Eastenders is.
Shorts: El Misterio del pez

Character/personality => adjectives, exploring the theme
Description of characters
Act out scenes for before/ will happen after
Guess the end
Free time link
Medio ambiente link
Daily routine/imperfect
Turn sound off

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