Monday, 13 April 2009

Twitter in Education:Spreading the Word

I have found it quite a difficult task to spread the word about how useful Twitter can be as a networking tool. After Twitter made the headlines a few times over the last couple of months, I thought maybe my task would become easier. Unfortunately, it has not been the case. Somehow, a lot of Twitter users have come out of it appearing as self-obsessed superficial people.
However, some documents such as this wonderful Twitter Handbook for Teachers breaks the trend:
Twitter Handbook for Teachers Twitter Handbook for Teachers Tomaz Lasic An overview of Twitter and ways of using it in education for a group of educators attending Twizza (Twitter & pizza) gathering in Perth, Western Australian on April 8, 2009.Created by Tomaz Lasic (@lasic,

Thank you for showing that Twitter can be an invaluable tool in Education.

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Samantha said...

What a great resource! Thanks for posting!