Thursday, 26 July 2007

Resources for French GCSE Applied to Leisure & Tourism

You will need to distinguish “raw resources” that need to be transformed into teaching materials from ready-to-teach resources that will still need adapting. The idea is that nobody starts from scratch and we can then start exchanging the materials produced to save everybody’s valuable time.

There is also a need for points of reference for leisure and tourism and more general business terminology. I know we are looking at GCSE, not degree level, but it is always nice to feel ahead of the students!

ABC de la terminologie touristique:
Glossary explaining a lot of the English terms used in the French tourist industry

Heinz Heigl's Home Page:
Home page with lots of links to do with the French language and culture. There is a special section about local, regional and international tourism.

Hans Le Roy homepage : FLE Tourisme
Lots of links to tourism-related website: hotels, weather, guides, transports, restaurants, regions in France and Belgium.

Le Français Commercial et Pratique et sa correspondence:
Business French textbooks with exercises

Webquest on how to organise a business trip :

RFI Langues:
Business French course with listening exercises-audio and transcripts provided

Franc-Parler: Français Commercial
Ressources pédagogiques:
Sites de référence
Lettres de diffusion
Compléments de méthodes de français des affaires
Cours de français des affaires
Textes, dialogues et exercices
Simulations globales

Franc-Parler: Français du tourisme et de l’ hôtellerie

Bonjour de France : Français des affaires links
Français des affaires : exercises (with audio)

AppuiFLE-Tourisme : Site de français du tourisme et de l'hôtellerie

Guide de l’utilisation des resources en ligne:
Links to sites for resources to be adapted

AF Toulouse net:
Activities to be downloaded (reading/ listening)

Alliance Française en Russie:
Links for Business French

Powerpoint including links about tourist industry training in France:,45,S%C3%A9minaire%20f%C3%A9d%C3%A9ral%20des%20professeurs%20de%20fran%C3%A7ais%20%20%C2%AB%C2%A0tourisme%20et%20h%C3%B4tellerie%C2%A0%C2%BB

Reading Comprehension exercises applied to tourism:

FLE Training for the Tourism Industry in Thailand:
Online activities can be adapted for reading and listening comprehension-audio and teacher/ student guide included.

Downloadable documents on written French applied to tourism

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