Friday, 27 July 2007

Language Games and quizzes

There is quite a lot out there, from the very basic to the very sophisticated all singing and dancin, to get students to practise their vocabulary and grammar. A lot of these sites could be used for independent studies and/or homework. I have not listed any commercial sites and the sites are also referenced in my under the "games" tag.

Prescott School:
Drag and drop, match up, hangman, guess who for French.
Primary resources: games for French, German and Spanish (could be used for Y7).
Very basic multi-choice quizzes to practise vocabulary by topics.
Click and drag games to find out about France.

French extra:

Spanish Extra: (now paying site but a lot of materials are still in free access)
Lots of games and quizzes including half a minute, penalty shootout, grade or no grade, hoopshoot, wheel of fortune.

MFL Games: (for French)
Topic-based games including wheel of fortune, millionaire, wordsearches, scratchcard, flipword, hangman, codebreaker, anagrams, concentration, quizzes, mismatch.
Powerpoint templates to download including You Say We Pay, The Generation Game, Hunt the Treasure, Letter Investigator/I Spy, The Weakest Link.
Wordsearch and hangman by topic (Spanish).

Elma Eagles’ page:
Games and quizzes to practise Spanish grammar and vocabulary (levelled).

Languages online:
French, German, Spanish and Italian vocabulary games including jigsaw, pairs, speedword, wordweb and wordsearches.
This is a huge collection of basic games and quizzes covers themes from Animals to Weather including the Latin world as well as Spanish grammar.

Poliglot games for Spanish:
hangman, jigmatch, concentration, hungry frog, wheel of fortune, speedword, memorymatch, wordweb.

Spanish vocabulary games:

Colourful site with 16 different types of games (Spanish). Maybe more suitable for Primary mfl.

Cyber Juegos:
Juegos Juegos :
Traditional game sites with free downloads, multiplayer and single player games-probably best for personal use!

wizards to create web-based activities for language learning and practice.

Le jeu de l’oie:
Online classic boardgame to practise specific French grammar items.

Quia games: (French numbers) (spanish vocabulary)

Language games and games about languages.

Alien Language:
Practise the parts of the body in French, Spanish, German and English.
Downloadable word games in French, English and German.
French and German crosswords by topics (basic)
Spanish crosswords and puzzles with some downloadable activities.
Downloadable puzzles and games in French, German and Spanish.
Ideas for teacher-led language games.
Games for EFL students.

Children’s games in French (primary).

Colourful children’s sites with games in French (with audio).
French and German interactive quizzes for grammar revision (click on learning areas for access to French and German pages.

Children’s games in Spanish (primary).

Oscar l’escargot:
Game with audio on healthy living and food (French).
Games for French, Spanish, German GCSE.

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