Monday, 21 May 2007

Revision sites for French and Spanish GCSE

It is that time of the year again!

Here are a few sites with a focus on GCSE topics with useful vocabulary and grammar games and exercises.
Asi se hace is a fantastic Spanish site designed and maintained by Jose Picardo, a secondary mfl teacher from Nottingham. The GCSE section contains lots of useful interactive exercises that can be used with classes on an Interactive Whiteboard or independently by students.
French: grammar, topics and vocabulary practice
Spanish: vocabulary, topics and grammar practice
French: GCSE practice with verbs, exam rubrics and topics, dictionary and information from the different exam boards is also available from the site.
French GCSE practice by topics: crosswords, multiple choices …
French revision site by topics: self-assessed revision exercises including some reading comprehension items.
French GCSE revision practice available after 4pm for free
Spanish GCSE revision practice available after 4pm for free
Site about French “false friends”-good to revise before the reading/ listening exams
French revision site by skill and topic (including listening)
French vocabulary revision through word games
Spanish GCSE vocabulary practice games
Games and exercises to practice GCSE French topics
Spanish grammar revision exercises
French revision site for grammar and topics
French GCSE general revision site with revision advice
Basic vocabulary builder including many games in French and Spanish
French GCSE site with links and GCSE vocabulary practice games

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