Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Local Grids for Learning are a Mine of Educational Resources

Launched by Labour in 1997 and central to the technology boost in school, the National Grid for Learning (NGfL) was scrapped in July 2006, together with its web portal to educational resources.

However, the local authorities or regional consortiums that have developed high-speed links between their schools as a result of the NGfL are still flourishing.

This comes from Birmingham and it is a good example of quality resources/ links provided for teachers by local Grids for Learning. A lot more to come!,index&res=&kw=&el=&sc=12&start=1&zs=n

The podcasting page recommended on Miss Simmonds’ blog is interesting

I also like the link to Polar FLE: Learn French and solve a murder mystery!

Les clés de l’actualité junior can also be used as a stimulus for interesting discussions or introducing more “grown-up” topics.

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