Friday, 23 November 2012

SSAT Conference, "Innovation and progress in languages", 23rd November 2012

I had a great day at the SSAT National Language Conference 2012, "Innovation and progress in languages".
As promised, here is a copy of the slides and handout I used for my showcase, "Creating more effective learners at KS3 and KS4"



petito best said...

Some linguists argue that most of this characteristic comes from usage and experience. it is great post. Educational Neuroscience

Andrew Weiler said...

One the keys to guiding learners towards reflective learning is not providing learners with answers to questions they can figure out themselves. This "forces" them to think about and work on what they have to do to figure it out. This practice by itself can do a lot towards the aim.
Unfortunately there has been far too little attention given to the implications of this practice for lesson and course design.