Friday, 23 November 2012

SSAT Conference, "Innovation and progress in languages", 23rd November 2012

I had a great day at the SSAT National Language Conference 2012, "Innovation and progress in languages".
As promised, here is a copy of the slides and handout I used for my showcase, "Creating more effective learners at KS3 and KS4"


Monday, 5 November 2012

Somerset MFL Conference "Working Together to Lead The Way", 5th November 2012

I had a really productive day at St Duntan's School in Glastonbury, where the first Somerset cross-borough MFL Conference was held today.

As promised, please find below a copy of the slides for my keynote speech and materials and handout for my workshop on effective visuals for language learning. Many thanks to all the MFL teachers who organised the day for a really great day and for inviting me to contribute to the day.
Developing Student Independence in MFL Effective Visuals for Language Learning Visuals Sommerset Handout