Sunday, 4 March 2012

Doing it For Themselves: Getting Language Students to be More Independent

In last Friday’s Times Educational Supplement (TES), I discuss the importance of Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills activities to encourage language learners to think for themselves and become more independent.
Although I outline specific activities such as odd one out, using Venn’s diagrams, diamond ranking, life graph and mysteries, I still consider the teaching of PLTS to be at its most effective when it is fully integrated in everything we do.
PLTS represent an approach to learning where students are empowered by developing their own skills and independence.
The key point is that we can do this in any subject but it does need to be supported at  wholeschool level  to be meaningful. When it is, not only is the impact on students maximised, but it also encourages teachers to support each other’s work across the curriculum, working towards a seamless learning experience for students .

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A Cuban In London said...

It was a very good article. Independent learning in languages filters through to many other areas of the learning process in pupils. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.