Friday, 13 August 2010

Oldham SLN Bring and Brag

I will be missing our Oldham SLN... As 4 schools are merging into 2 to become academies, we are going through a period of rapid change where the networking between our schools will continue but with different people and possibly in a different way.

Our last meeting in May represented the wide range of language activities taking place in secondary schools across the borough...

Cross-curricular Projects

Marseilles: A Project on The Environment 

I really thought this was an interesting idea... A lot would depend on the support material provided to the students as well as the suggested outcome: presentation, speech, leaflet... The project could easily include industries, sustainable development, immigration, sport, housing, weather etc...

Research fashion/ music over a specific decade

It can culminate in a fashion show/ concert for the very ambitious. The recurrent trends in fashion/ music could include a bit of history too... Some of the outcomes shared were 3D posters including pictures and fabric. It was very “low tech” but had really engaged the students and the level of language produced was pretty impressive too. In the music project, music was used as a prompt to discuss texts, express opinions and introduce "mood" vocabulary. The different influences were discussed and the music sampled through audio and video. 

• Students plan their own trip to a local Christmas Market (Link with Business and Enterprise)

Students do research, admin, devise worksheets, assist with risk assessment. It has been presented as a competition and the students with the best-prepared project are allowed to run the trip.

• Entreprise Day : The Apprentice

Wholeschool project where students need to research, design and pitch a product. If they want teachers’ help, consultancy fees will be added to the cost of the product!

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