Sunday, 27 June 2010

MFL Flashmeeting Tuesday 29 June 8.30-10.30pm

The MFL Flashmeeting is back! If like me you want to find out what happened at the Linguascope Conference in Brighton as you were unable to attend, or about any other recent languages developments, all you need to do is to sign up on the wiki here

Already taking part are:

1. Joe Dale, Independent ICT/MFL Consultant Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom

2. Dominic McGladdery , 2nd in MFL, English Martyrs School, Hartlepool.

3. José Picardo Head of MFL at Nottingham High School (@josepicardo ) (be nice to me, it's my birthday!)

4. Alejandra Puerto , NQT.

5. Rosemary Hicks , Head of MFL Northfield School (MHA) Billingham.

6. James Padvis, Foxford School, Coventry

7. Valerie McIntyre, Wells Blue School,

8. Alice Ayel, Thuringia International School, Weimar, Germany

9. Helena Butterfield , International Co-ordinator, Ian Ramsey C of E School, Stockton (@langwitch - might be late :os)

10. Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages, The Radclyffe School, Oldham, @icpjones My Languages:

Come on and join us to discuss and find out about the following:


1. Post election Languages update

2. How are the MYLO trials going?

3. Reflections on The Linguascope Conference

4. Have you heard about the ICT Links into Languages Conference?

5. Hard to Teach Teachers TV Programme - Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Using ICT

6. MFL Show and Tell developments - Devon, Nottingham, London and beyond!

7. European Day of Languages - How's your planning going?

8. A.O.B


To add your name to the wiki, click the EDIT link and then the Text Editor button. Copy and paste one of the entries. Change the wording as necessary and add your Twitter username if you like. Press Save. There is a limit of 25 in the meeting and so I suggest you do this sooner than later otherwise you may not be able to get in.

Click on the Flashmeeting link and Go to the meeting . You will then be asked to give permission for your microphone or webcam to be used. Click Allow and then select Sign in as Guest. Click Enter**

See you there!

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