Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Join Us at The Language World Conference 26-27 March, York University

The Association for Language Learning (ALL), based at the University of Leicester, is celebrating its 20th birthday in March 2010. For non-UK readers, ALL is the UK-wide subject association for language teachers. It is run by teachers for teachers and other professionals involved in language learning and teaching.

For the past twenty years ALL has represented and supported teachers of languages by helping them to stay up to date on policy and methodology and motivated by encouraging local and national networking.

This year, Language World, All’s yearly national conference, will take place on 26-27 March at York University with the theme of “Building on Firm Foundations – Steps to Success”. It includes leading language educational thinkers speaking on their areas of expertise, leading practitioners sharing their latest resources and ideas, policy makers and passionate teachers ready to share ideas and exchange views.

Language World is the event that helps me to remember that we are an important part of the curriculum. It provides an amazing morale boost at a time when language teachers do not necessarily feel as valued as they should be. I am really looking forward to it as this year, I will also be presenting on the Saturday afternoon about “Social Media and Creativity in the Language Classroom”

So come and join us…

To find out more, visit ALL’s website: www.all-languages.org.uk or find ALL on Facebook.


For more information about Language World 2010, and to book a place, go to


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