Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Guest Blogging: More Opportunities To Share

As we are approaching the end of the year, I have been thinking quite a lot about all the benefits I have derived from guest blogging this year.
OK, I am not a prolific guest blogger but contributing to The Educators’ Royal Treatment and the latest MFL & Technology series on Jose Picardo’s Box of Trick has been both enjoyable and profitable from the point of view of my own personal development.

First, it is great for confidence and developing a stronger blogging voice. It helps you to express all those thoughts, mixing the personal and the professional.
And apparently... It shows! I am no longer hiding behind my avatar and very willing to discuss my blog posts and change my mind if I want to... I feel I have definitely moved on from sharing information to sharing ideas and opinions about the information I share.

Second, it makes you reflect on what you are doing. You get to understand better how to got there, why and what the way forward could be.

Third, it gives you an opportunity to read other people’s blog posts and get tempted to comment more than you would normally admit to have the time to do (excuses excuses)

Fourth, it strengthens your relationships with the different members of your PLN, making subsequent exchanges and conversation even more meaningful. Twitter is also such a wonderful tool to support this.

Fifth, it makes you open up to different approaches and ways of “doing things” in different countries and educational sectors. This is the ultimate Let’s-Think-out-of-the-box toolkit!
So, Languages teachers, get inspired and also check out some of my favourite posts on The Educators’ Royal Treatment whether you teach languages or not...

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samccoy said...

I've noticed that you've not been using your avatar in some of your professional learning networks. You've always had a great deal to say, and I agree that being a guest blogger is be a great opportunity to share your ideas with a new audience.