Monday, 15 June 2009

MFL Show and Tell 09: Sent to Coventry for a New Life

After the success of The Isle of Wight Conference and its MFL Show and Tell sessions. The MFL Show and Tell will be moving to Coventry in the autumn. It will still give language teachers the opportunity to meet up and share good practice, ICT or non-ICT based, although my guess is that ICT will be at the centre of the session, mostly due to the fact various MFL teachers first discussed the idea of the meet-up on Twitter.

Thanks to James Padvis , the session will take place at The 6th Form Centre at Foxford School and Community Arts College in Coventry on Saturday 14th November.

If you feel like joining us, just sign up on Joe Dale’s wiki and bring along £10 to cover organisation costs and lunch. Wifi will be available, so feel free to bring your laptop too!

Quite a few MFL teachers have already signed up as attendees –the vast majority- or presenters. After initially registering as an attendee, I decided to have another go at presenting as I enjoyed it so much last year at the Isle of Wight Conference. I will aim to take further my initial “spreading the word about ICT” and convincing colleagues themes. Watch this space...


Graham Davies said...

Isabelle, you are doing a great job spreading the message about ICT, along with several other enthusiastic teachers – whose blogs get a special mention in Section 12.2 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT website (which I edit):

Training in ICT is so important, and it’s a never-ending job. I’ve been involved in ICT training for language teachers ever since the BBC Microcomputer took UK schools by storm in the early 1980s and, even now in my so-called retirement, I am still active as a trainer and writer of CPD materials.

I look forward to the Coventry Show and Tell sessions, but I will probably be there only “virtually” in Second Life.

By the way, your blog continually crashes in my version of Internet Explorer (Version 8 running under WinXP), but it’s OK if I use the Google Chrome browser. I haven’t worked out why this happens, but it’s the only blog in Blogger (which I use too for my blogs) that has ever crashed.

Graham Davies

IC Jones said...

Thank you, Graham!
I have been familiar with your ict4lt work since I became a member of the linguanet forum more than 10 years ago. As regard the problem with IE and my blog, this is very strange indeed and I hope it gets sorted (first time I hear from it!)
Thanks again for your encouraging comments.