Monday, 2 February 2009

Images4Education: Week 1 Update

I concentrated on exploring the uses of Flicker, particularly the settings, how to add contacts, joining groups, creating albums, uploading videos and tagging. I had been using Flickr “passively” for a few years but finding out about settings made a big difference to me. I now try to regularly upload pictures of my children to share them with their grand-parents who live in France as well as other family members. The pictures are only displayed privately and any other relatives can drop in and comment-a far cry from the time-consuming email distribution list of the past…

I also discovered Flickerin and Flickr badges.
It reminded me of other “Flickr toys” like photo soup and tag galaxy that can be used to great effect to start a new topic or as a stimulus for more creative language activities.

View from my window… was a great idea to introduce ourselves. Participants took a picture of the view from their window and wrote a bit about their origin. I did try to take a picture but the light was always very poor and I am still working on producing a decent picture of the view into my back garden! So when I found this alternative: What do you have on your walls? I jumped in.

I took a few pictures of my walls and uploaded them to my page. I could see how this could easily develop in a “though the keyhole” activity. Who live there? Are they on their own? Male or female? How old? What country are they from? Etc…

On my wall there is… a symbol of my origin and a reminder that home is where you make it!

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