Friday, 8 August 2008

Flowgram: Jog the Web with Sound, Highlights and Much More...

On 30th July, I blogged about Jog The Web, a very useful programme to devise tours of the web to recommend websites by topic for students, blog tours or compile training material "packs" for colleagues.

I came across Flowgram on my web travels and decided to sign up for the Beta Version.

Flowgram also has a blog to keep you up to date with the beta development.

Although it clearly is not the finished article yet, it certainly has a lot of potential.

The difference with Jog the Web? It is a Beta, so there may be some technical problems at this stage, but you can include sound, post to Facebook and quite a few blog platform. There is also a facility to email your friends about your flowgrams. You can also browse for other people's Flowgrams if they decide to make them public.

I like the fact you can add highlights, notes and sound and it does work with "framed websites", unlike Jog the Web who are currently working to solve this problem.

The program did not like one of my recommended website, but the rest of it went relatively smoothly. Do check the blog out to see when the final version is coming out!

And... Have a look at my own creation (will update this with sound at a later date...)

Enjoy, try it out and tell me what you think!


Marie-France Perkins said...

This is great. Thanks for the mention. Will try something out when I come back from my holidays.

John Savage said...

Nice tool! The highlights and voice are cool.

Pity that clicking on a link in a page kills the flowgram. I liked the idea that the user could browse around the links of the page I showed before moving on to the next page.

I suppose flowgram is more of a slideshow of webpage snapshots where as jog the web would be a guided tour in the real web.

Both suit me, I'll use one or the other according to what I need.

Alicia said...

Lovely tool, though at BETA stage - had some problems while doing the activity in class, that's why I had to use Voicethread at a certain moment, but worth the try...