Tuesday, 13 May 2008

My Studiyo: First Attempt and More Ideas for Quizzes

After trying to design quizzes with Studiyo, I found out from a colleague today at our Faculty Bring and Brag that the Smartboard gallery of Notebook 10 includes very similar templates, without having to put up with the unreliability of a live download.

However, Studiyo would still be very good for home studies and class blogs-something to think about...

My Visite a Paris Quiz can be found on http://www.mystudiyo.com/act65160/mini/go/une_visite_a_paris


Langwitch said...

Hurray - I might not know my MFL Bloggers but I know Paris...got full marks. Can I use this with my Yr 8 class when I eventually get upto Paris with them? It's great!

IC Jones said...

Hi Helena

Of course you can! I seem to be ahead of you in Metro2 (vert). I could have used your breakfast one before the end of unit test but they just missed out on it by one day!!


Sans problèmes said...

My Studyio is really a good tool for MFL teaching and so easy to use. I haven't done Paris with Year 8 yet. Top group on Métro Rouge. Just doing shopping at the moment.

Langwitch said...

Thanks. I'm way behind where I should be - had too many Mondays and Fridays off with Bank Holidays and PD Days!!!
Flying through this topic :o)

Mary H said...

Great quiz! I guess I haven't forgotten everything from my college French days! Thanks for sharing your quiz and this quiz maker.