Friday, 16 November 2007

MFL Resources Launches New Wiki

Already a favourite with many MFL teachers, the MFL Resources Yahoo group is a useful resource moderated by Helen Meyers and a handful of helpful volunteers. It is a very busy-and friendly- forum where languages teachers from all over the world exchange ideas and materials to teach MFL in a creative manner.

For those of you who do not know Helen Myers, she is a MFL teacher & Assistant Head at The Ashcombe School in Dorking, Surrey. She is also the President of ALL (Association for Language Learning) and ALL London Branch Chair. Through her work at The Ashcombe School and ALL, she has inspired many teachers across the country to use ICT amongst other tools to motivate students and provided constant support to language teachers, in particular through her research and actions to raise awareness of the issues linked with Severity of Grading at GCSE in MFL.

The MFL Resources Yahoo group also has a website at
which houses resources kindly donated by members of the group.

Helen has now set up a Wiki for MFL Resources at

The idea is to use the Wiki initially as a way of sharing recommendations for 'published' resources so as to complement the resources created through the MFL Resources group. A few categories have already been set up and it is also a great way to develop “Wiki Skills” for all of us. I have added this link to my favourite Language Links as this project will no doubt grow bigger and bigger over the next few months.
Thank you, Helen!

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