Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Big Tagging Game

Looking at my network bookmarks the other day, I thought that Joe Dale was up to something.

All of the sudden, he had a long list of bookmarks referring to his blog. Good idea, I thought, they might come handy one day and they are eaasier to manage if they are all together in one place. Well, I thought, it must be the preparation for the impending Isle of Wight Conference 2007

Then I got the message from Lisa Stevens: I have been tagged!!

Joe’s idea is to start a meme called My online life where bloggers who are tagged can tag any posts that link back to their blog and bookmark them in so others with similar interests can subscribe to them and find out more about the extended communities their colleagues are part of.

Sorry Joe, but I decided to call this The Big Tagging Game in my title as calling it a “meme” was far too reminiscent of my lovely grand-mother (french joke-I know, not funny, lost in translation)

So I tagged some posts that link back to my blog and bookmarked them in my under the icpj tag so that others with similar interests can subscribe to them and find out about my various networks.

The rules of the Big Tagging Game are as follows:

1)Once you've been tagged, bookmark posts that link back to your blog or blogs in
2) Name the tag that you have used so others can access the links easily in a blog post
3) At the end of your post, tag 6 people and list their names, linking to them.
4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged.

The people I would like to tag are:

Chris Fuller

Hans Feldmeier

Joe Dale

Miss Simmonds

Ms Whatsit

Senora Weldon


ms. whatsit said...

Fun! I'll get on this, but not today. I'll need a few days to get it together.

Joe said...

Hi Isabelle,

Thanks for tagging me. I've tagged my links with joedale. So to access all the links (including this one), go to

It would be great if you could make it the Isle of Wight Conference. There are still places and I'm sure you would get a great deal from the experience.

Thanks for playing the game

Rymana said...

Thanks for your comment. Well I will double check the resources to see if they are still working.
I really like your blog it is full of interesting links. I will definitely let my languages department have a look at it.
I am looking forward for fruitful exchanges. All the best for "la rentree" :)

IC Jones said...

Hi Rymana

Thanks for your kind comments and hopefully, this is a start of a great exchange of resources and ideas.

I have added your link with the list of blogs of interest to language teachers.