Friday, 6 July 2007

Update from CILT: The Language Work Placement Toolkit
Natasha Ricot-Gomez, 14-19 Programme Co-ordinator at CILT, The National Centre for Languages, contacted the Linguanet forum to introduce this new resource.

Many students undertake language work experience either in another European country or with an international company in the UK. As Lord Dearing highlights, such work experience has an immense impact on a student's language learning, intercultural awareness and overall level of motivation.

The Language Work Placement Toolkit is a new resource which has been produced by CILT’s Sharon Czudak, Gill Musk and Cherry Sewell to support teachers, language learners and others involved in language work placements.

It aims:

- to support students going on work placements (UK or abroad) to develop the language and intercultural skills required;
-to help staff prepare students and review experience after placement;
-to provide a record of student achievement (language and intercultural skills for the workplace);
-to provide a flexible tool to meet individual needs and different work situations.

It consists of:

-an Introduction with Tips for Students, Language Teachers, Work Placement Co-ordinators and In-company Mentors;

-a Work Placement Language Learning Framework for teachers' and students' use before and after the placement.

Visit the 14-19 pages of the CILT website to download the free Toolkit.

The Toolkit is also available free in flexible hardcopy & CD formats from CILT, the National Centre for Languages. To order e-mail:

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