Sunday, 8 July 2007

Le Tour de France has started… in England !

Before the start of the Tour de France, a number of resources have been shared on the mflresources and linguanet forum by a variety of contributors including Razia Ali from CILT, the National Centre for Languages and Helen Myers from the Associalition for Language Learning, ALL.

Comenius London has published a set of resources to celebrate the 2007 Tour de France starting in London. These are freely downloadable from:

A Chacun Son Tour: is currently being used by schools across France as part of a project work on the Tour de France. The materials are cross-curricular, totally in French and come with teachers’ notes (and answers – also in French) and additional resources. There are freely downloadable curriculum materials, based on all facets of the Tour de France.

Maths: Worksheet (8.2Mb) Statistics (301Kb) Answer sheet (267Kb)

TJ and the Tour: has been specially developed by Comenius London for the Tour de France. It is a comic book adventure of a young British cyclist, TJ Taylor. It follows his adventure in being chosen for an elite cycling team and takes him right up to the start ramp for the 2007 Prologue. Thereafter, the story is in the hands of the reader. There are two versions of TJ and the Tour:

With text – narrative in English and speech in French. Download the resource (4Mb)
Without text – so that users of other languages can create their own narrative and add their own text. Download the resource (4Mb)

TJ and the Tour also comes with a number of ideas to utilise and develop the comic in class. Download the curriculum ideas (46Kb)

The ALL-London website has the following links and downloadable documents to support lessons about the Tour de France
Raw information to convert to task!
Les aspects sportifs
Ken Livingstone introduction 2007
Parcours map (image)
Parcours map (flash)
TaskMagic cycling vocab 1
TaskMagic cycling vocab 2

Esther Mercier’s site A tantot includes special Tour de France activities :

Click on the green button and choose between a Grade or no grade? Activity, a look at the official map or the video of the route of the Tour de France.

The route can also be found at:

BBC Ma France
Learn essential Tour Terminology, cycling phrases and cycling Slang, On the Road vocab and pick up phrases to help with Accidents and Repairs and Hiring a Bike. You can practise them all on the Activities page.
Find out more about the Tour de France from selected Websites.
Keep up-to-date with the world of cycling with BBC Sport.
Try the Activities such as card games, ball game, quizzes and a crossword.

Another fantastic resource for the Tour de France is the INA site Simply type Tour de France into the search and you have a news reel of just about every tour - official website in English, French, German and Spanish and
Tour phrasebook - activities and resources for primary languages and other subjects -
Primary French teaching resources -Le vélo mini-dossier, activities, games and songs - racing game

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