Wednesday, 4 July 2007

French Resources to Encourage Cross-Curricular Links
This excellent site was recommended on mflresources [see previous post on networking for mfl teachers]. It provides free French resources that cover the whole curriculum. As it is designed for native French speakers, some amendments may be necessary depending on the level and ability of your students.

Lecture :
Many exercises to practise scanning when reading a list
e.g. Repèrage: how many times doest he word appear in the list?
Wordsearches: mots mêlés à theme
Words with missing letters (les letters manquantes)
Odd one out (from basic to advanced)

Exercises for Advanced learners include, fill in the gap, odd one out and reading exercises.

Exercises concentrating on specific spelling patterns:

Detailed grammar exercises particularly suitable for advanced learners:

Exercises to practise different verbs types and tenses:

Useful worksheets with pictures that can be used with beginners, exercises to develop dictionary skills and themed vocabulary exercises:

Creative writing activities that could also be used to devise reading comprehension exercises:

Extended reading activities:

Poetry for children, some of which could be used as a template for writing their own poetry:

Maths activities:

History, Geography, Technology, Astronomy, Biology and Citizenship activities:

Lessons plans including 2 story-writing projects:

PE activities, including a useful description of a number of sports with pictures:

English as A foreign Language worksheets with pictures that could also be used to teach French:

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