Monday, 11 June 2007

Summer Term Projects for KS3

The Summer Term is often one of the most chaotic in the school year: school trips, staff involvement in KS4 exams and other projects means that it can be difficult to build real progression from lesson to lesson.

Summer term projects can be an effective way to consolidate what has been learnt so far in the school year by putting it into practice in a more creative and open-ended way.

If you have good ICT access and/or links abroad, the following projects are self-contained with website and additional resources to be downloaded from the site including a full lesson plan.

Interactive Y7 , Y8 and Y9 activities (consolidation)

Grammar and colour projects (consolidation)

Tourism project

This project covers the tourism unit in the study of French and aims to promote both independent and co-operative work. Students are encouraged at all times to use basic language taught in lessons, for their own personal needs, and to seek out ways to extend their use of French through the study of authentic materials available on the Internet.

Resources include the use of the class text book, webquests for students to practise their tourism vocabulary and templates which students use to gather information to describe their own locality and areas which are unfamiliar to them.

Languages Through Drama

The aim of this project is to bring together students with a range of ages and abilities to learn and practice foreign languages through drama. The project will be particularly effective if the club is run jointly by teachers from the Languages and Drama departments, and further enhanced by the use of video.The play being performed throughout this resource is called Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

Bon appétit! Food project

Food and Culture Project

The aim of the project is to establish a primary link between two classes in schools where a common foreign language is taught [French in this instance]. Rather than starting the exchange between pupils via the use of e-mail for personal presentations, it will initially involve finding information about some of the other class’s cultural habits.

At the end of the project pupils will have established a rapport with their foreign friends and will choose a partner to begin their own personal correspondence in the shared foreign language.

Bienvenue à Paris

After some research into Paris monuments (in both English and the target language), students will be performing role-plays in French, based on a tourist visit to Paris. Students will use ICT equipment to produce a Powerpoint presentation on their chosen monument.

This page provides links and ideas for mini cross-curricular projects in Spanish.

The good old project on French culture could be helped by looking at sites such as
includes examples of language-based projects. The idea is to get the students to devise resources for themselves or other students. This could work well as a cross-stage project, where classes are twinned. It could also be used between similar schools as a way to provide a real audience for the materials.

Making Videos

This project is aimed at creating a video of a classroom activity, using video editing techniques to incorporate images, text, music and subtitles. It also allows the user to edit out mistakes, instead of having to re-record from the beginning. This allows teachers and students to record role play exercises, group discussions, presentations etc and then make a permanent visual record to share with other students.

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