Sunday, 3 June 2007

Last Minute Revision before the French GCSE Listening Examination

AQA French GCSE Listening examination is on Friday but there is still time for some last minute revision!

Here are a few sites (with sound) to direct your students to:

Improve your listening technique




Listening practice with or without tapescript


Roberto said...

Your blog is full of interesting and useful resources for theachers and students. Unfortunately I've found very few things about Italian. I would like to suggest you to visit the blog of our school:

IC Jones said...

Thank you, Roberto. The reason why I did not focus on Italian is that I do not teach it. However, quite a few of the multilingual sites I have saved in my have Italian resources, so I have started to tag them.
You will also find your school site in my Although I cannot speak Italian, I can read it and I thought the range of interesting postings that can be read on your multilingual blog is very impressive.