Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Using free podcasts from itunes

Podcasting is developing fast amongst the MFL teachers. There are some free podcasts available that could be used for revision by students or by teachers to update their language skills and cultural knowledge.

Itune is a popular podcast receiver and it can be downloaded for free on

Then go to the itunes store and a simple search on language-learning will bring up a host of podcast that can be subscribed to. Some even include videocasts like the headlines of the news on TF1, which is a quick and efficient way to bring up-to-date issues in the classroom.

Extracts from these clips could also be used as starters/ post plenary activities or to reflect on a "Thought For The Day". The current debate around the French general elections could also be used as a citizenship activity considering the advantages and inconvenients of the proportional representation system.

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