Sunday, 6 May 2007

Resources to download and on-line student resources

The following websites include resources to download and on-line activites for students you may want to use as part of an ICT-based lesson.
Teacher Resources Exchange:
This is a very comprehensive site with languages resources to download and recommended links for all languages from Primary to Post-16. A search facility is available.
Resources to download for all levels and online resources for students-could also be used for homework, extension work, revision etc...
A lot of serious grammar and exam revision for GCSE.
Site ran by Rachel Hawkes (AST): Research, KS2 and KS4 Spanish, KS3 French and games to download.
Jon Meier's Language Sandwich:
Site ran by Jon Meier (AST) including French and German resources (online and to download) with some interesting teaching tips.
Geoffs School:
Online resources and links for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and EAL (ESOL)
Language online from Australia:
The site includes a downloadable 'game maker' templates enable teachers and students to build their own multimedia language games and activities and online activities for students learning French, German, Indonesian or Italian. The site also includes printable worksheets with a variety of guided speaking, reading, writing and research tasks to complement the online activities.
Downloadable resources in French, German and Spanish by teachers for teachers.

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