Thursday, 10 May 2007

Motivate Spanish Learners with Latin American Resources

Introducing Latin American countries will help focus on Spanish as a World language in contrast with a language that may or may not be used on holiday. Here are a few resources to refresh your basic knowledge about these countries and share with your students.
BBC presents the BBC news world headlines in Spanish. Could be used effectively as a starter activity. A video linked with some aspect of the news is also available from this page
Links about Latin American cinema, literature and music put together by the Amauta Spanish School in Cusco, Peru.
This Primary & Secondary Education page is designed to provide resources for parents, teachers, and students. You will find resources for language, history and geography classes that could be used for cross-curricular projects. The Site Map contains an alphabetical list of the countries and subject pages, and the Countries page lists countries by region: Caribbean, Central America, South America and North America
Latin American newspapers and magazines

Latin American Radio Stations

Differences between Spanish and American Spanish
Check out the “world flag section” as an introduction to Latin American countries (Is it on the American continent? Could develop into 4 in a row or noughts and crosses game, a quiz could be devised based on the fact provided for each country as a follow-up the lesson after.

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