Thursday, 19 April 2007

Resources to download

Here are a few sites I have found with mfl resources to download: worksheets, powerpoints etc...
French, Spanish and German materials, including AS and A2 resources and links.
Comprehensive site including good practice, examples of lessons for the Gifted & Talented, teaching resources, web links, study and teaching tips, starter and plenary activities to download. See section on the left side for Primary resources (French).
Resources in French, German and Spanish as well as more generic language resources to cover KS1-KS5. Resources include Display, Puzzles and Games, Thinking Skills activities, Starters and Plenaries, Christmas activities, links for all 3 languages, generic language links and Primary (French). Worth noting is also the large amount of resources designed to support the development of the International Dimension though MFL.
Resources and links for French. The site also features lots of interesting-although more generic- information about the teaching of Languages.
Powerpoints, quia exercises, interactive worksheets and top language links.

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