Monday, 2 April 2007


I have just found this interesting book about the different trends in the evolution of languages with English as a main focus (see link for download). Another way to justify the fact that "English is not enough".

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Errol said...

Isabelle, I've had a good, and interesting, look around your blog, and I'm most impressed with everything you have there. Congratulations. I actually doubt whether I can contribute anything much that's relevant. One possibility that comes to mind, however, is something I found out just this morning via the daily summary of the LINGUIST list that I receive.

I saw that the well-known linguist Robert de Beaugrande (well-known in theoretical linguistic circles that is) has just published a new grammar of English called "A Friendly Grammar of English". Not only that, however, but Robert de Beaugrande (who, incidentally, besides being a top mainstream linguist is quite a character) has his own website which contains the full published text of "A Friendly Grammar of English" (an interesting and unusual approach) and masses of other material of linguistic interest.

I was thinking you could perhaps consider adding his site to your list of links, though I can see that it could possibly be a bit too theoretically oriented for your needs. However, it would certainly be worth a visit for anybody interested in language. Besides, one of his many (and I mean MANY) fields of interests is translation studies.

Anyway, it 's up to you to decide, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.