Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Twitter Summer Foreign Language Bookclub !

It all started on Twitter… After Jane Basnett, @basnettj asked her Twitter network for suggestions to create a list of French books for French teachers to enjoy over the summer.

After posting the link to her list, I agreed to add a page for Spanish books and Sonja Fedrizzi, @FedrizziSonja  offered to make a page for German books

You can download the list by clicking here 

In addition to the various recommendations I was given by many Spanish teacher colleagues, I was also told about other exciting opportunities to practise the language, such as …

The Tomo y Lomo podcast in Spanish about famous contemporary writers

La escóbula de la brújula, cultural podcast in Spanish also featuring contemporary literature

I also found out about the MFL virtual book club run on Facebook by @katelanguages 

Do join the foreign language book conversation on Twitter and Facebook and feel free to leave a comment to recommend a book from the list… Enjoy and Thank you Merci Gracias!

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