Friday 3 August 2012

What is Your Favourite Source of Pictures, Photos and Other Visuals for Your Lessons?

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I am currently reviewing the best sources of pictures, photos and other visuals for languages lessons. Please feel free to contribute to the poll and view the results.
As of today, Google Images was used by 50% of the teachers who took part. Interestingly, the second place is shared by Flickr and many other sources including:
  • own pictures
  • (Flickr creative commons)
  • #ELTPics on Flickr

  • Pinterest and Microsoft Clipart were also mentioned.
    A word of waring was given about Google Images and Pinterest as images can be copyright and you can be sued for using them illegally.

    Thank you for adding to the survey!


    1 comment:

    Jocelyn Ozolins said...

    Thank you - some of these resources are new to me. I've made a pinterest board about this as well as audio resources. Always check licensing info. though.